The Proverbial Beginning...

There was no lighting strike, no light bulb moment of "Aha!" or "Eureka!" rather, it started off with a, "why is no one doing this?" I am originally from Maine, a wondrously tree and snow filled state of mountains and coast. Unlike Kentucky, Maine does not have any major cities to speak of, with a state wide population of about 1.75 million people. The largest "city" in Maine is Portland, with a roughly estimated population of 64,000 people. Louisville by contrast has more than 600,000 residents, and near to 1.2 million in the Louisville Metro. While I was living in Portland, Maine there were two food waste pickup and composting services. In a city 1/10th the size of Louisville, there were 2 companies doing the same thing, at the time this did not seem like a ridiculous notion. So, when I moved to Louisville I almost expected that there would be dozens of small companies collecting residents food scraps to make compost, but there are none to speak of for residents. So I decided to fill my free time with bringing residential food waste collection and composting to the people of Louisville.

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