Louisville Compost Co-op

Welcome to Louisville Compost Co-op!


1. Members pay $20 a month, this fee includes a 5 gallon bucket with easy to seal lid

2. One day a week, (4 times a month) we will collect members filled buckets and replace them with a clean empty bucket

3. The collected food scraps will be composted over several weeks

4. Members can request small amounts of compost for their home, community gardens, school gardens etc.

5. The composting methods we are using at the moment only allow some food items, such as; fruit and vegetables, small amounts of meats (NOT whole hams for example), grass clippings, leaves, breads, egg shells, coffee grounds and similar such items. We are working towards incorporating all food scraps! If you have a question please ask!

6. Currently we are determining interest in our neighborhoods! If you are interested in learning more or joining please fill out the form below!

Complete form if interested:


Lets get composting!


Photo cred Brian Barnes, U of L Community composting project